Crystal currents

I feel the rains cascading from our skins
falling down the drains
the filter for all sins that flow into our oceans
completing the motions of the cycle
that the cyclone brings back
this holiness is wholly your burden to bear
but I bore witness to the washed out coastlines
and lost love ghost mines
the world is swept with the coldest blue
a murky paleness tinted hue replaces staleness
Damning you
the dams crumble
without the courage they were created with
“Forgive me.”
I surrender to the tides
I intended to survive
“You’ll never take me alive”
I scream into all encompassing currents of crystal
A fistful of sea foam thrown forever at a wall
Send for the helicopters while I fend for myself
A major scale disaster relief beneath the floods
Of minor key kissing
A melancholic moment alone in tranquility
Destroyed in seconds by its Majesty.



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