Scent in a message


Your scent clings to my every senses
A Senseless send off to a fleeting sanity
Cruel jokes played by memory
Filling up my head, the water level rises
and rises
Until I’m drowning underneath my disguises
An overlapping, unforgiving cocktail
I Mailed to you my thoughts in a bottle
but I forgot your address
Cancel all my appointments
I’ve scheduled you in for every available slot
Sit with me below and I’ll read your fortune
Fixating on the lines of your palms
Like the best book in braille ever written
Up to your arms is the Epilogue
But I’m not finishing it
Until I’ve fought through this nausea
A crows nest knows best when steady feet
Meet to climb and complete the rescue
Of the sheet
such sails fail and this entails
Manning of the life boats for the first women and children
Lucky enough to know that this undertow
Is a stow away’s anchor, dragging the ocean floor
If we capsize then I can only adore
how you go down with your ship.
Yet this what I came on board for:
Breathless defiance over a deathly silence.



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