Hyper sensations enter through the bottoms of my feet
Like the universal sensations of the Universe’s vibrations
In hot, dry sand, arid and shifting across the land
The individual grains are the stars
This map of ours is a mirage
A mere forecast of foregone conclusions
Contained within the possibilities presented
Lamented in the dunes
These hidden catacombs provide a shelter
A complex of caves beneath the waves
I’ve saved what I can from the plan
But it’s fallen into the wrong hands
Or into these rock pools
What a collection of fools who would call this home!
I’ve always known I can leave when I want
The Bats claws cling desperately in the dark
While I pause to light this match
And to hatch my escape
In the shadow of the shape of a hundred open wings
I can remember all the things I’d sworn to bring back
But when the shadows start to attack
I begin losing hope
The way out is a rope tied around my waist
‘Do you remember how things used to taste for the first time?’
I found those words in a chest at the bottom of this mine
And I do climb
Above the ground is the sound of the hourglass turning
I wipe the dust from the rusted trusts of earning.


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