The air feels thin and released from its resistance
A languid covering of lucidity is borne from this freshness
I left the gate open for you, let yourself in and tend to the flowers
Fighting for their powers to attract you with new colours
You couldn’t comprehend this before, but your eyes absorb vibrancy
Entice me through this leaf laden pathway to be a witness
The chill creeps up my fingers and into my hands
But I don’t know where to put them
A more appropriate attire would bring the fire back into my limbs
The whims of time caught within a wind chime
But I’m not ready to hear them yet
You’re happy unseen, you’re a never-green
The great hedge maze never phased
Just stays as it was from conception
You’re Autumn in summer
A welcome and familiar face
Yet so out of place here
“Tell me what it was that turned your head?”
Whenever I walked to where the grass was greener
The blades beneath my feet were already dead.




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