Miss Trial


I set the criminals free. It was me.
I made some miscalculations on account of misappropriations of liquor.
Miss, I confess to this mess but at your behest, might I be forgiven?
Send me your best dressed, fine pressed uniform to catch me
I’ll hatch me an escape plan quicker than a lucky eight can predict my fate
I’ll stand on all four corners waiting
Eliminating the odds that grow shorter with no quarter given.
Give me the best detective, the super spy
The only dry eye remaining in the most moving drama
Penned by the pinnacle of poets.
You know it’s going to end in tears, but this could make our careers.
I’m bribing the Judge already
We’re still in arrears from the previous years debauchery.
I’ve picked every lock left in this block but no doors have opened
So don’t play dumb with me, officer.
I was law abiding while you were biding your time deciding
You’ve caught me red handed
Dressed to the nines with a nine millimeter
Defeat in her wake, I’ll break my silence before more violence is appropriate.
But Darling, please, there’s no need to rush
I’m packing less punch than a prisoners toothbrush.
A shiv between my ribs would be preferable right now
Is this helicopter my private charter or an after thought?
I’ve thought of every conceivable scenario
So all second guesses are at best a misunderstanding of fatalism
An army of lawyers is my self defence mechanism.
They’re rioting in the streets, but I’m innocent I tell you.
I’ll confess to my crimes, arrest me right now
I’ll come quietly, I’ll stand trial
I’ll go down on my own terms in the shadow of your smile.



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