Just to feel you, it kills me.

This blog is the culmination of years of procrastination and constant nagging by many people to post my work online. This particular title is a lyric from a song that I feel represents what I try and portray in my own writing and how it makes me feel. So thank you to all who have supported me over the years, this is for you! – Mikey.


The Orphan

I met the Orphan by the riverside.
Her legs dangled feet above the still surface
Which resembled a black mirror: a mirage of the most magnificent obsidian,
Reflecting her features in the dull glow of the fishing rods lining the bank.
She regarded me with eyes or emerald or turquoise
Poised in indifference to her surroundings but deeply set sadness beneath their shining light.
Looking back to the river she spoke in elongated shivers and a voice of diminished tones:
“Whose shoes must I be wearing to cease this tearing at my heart?
No matter where they take me, the memories always break me and I end up back here at the start.”
Crouching down beside, I take the strands of her hair through my fingers
And watch them fall back into place as if undisturbed.
The air carries the faded perfume through a peripheral memory,
With greater power than any word could.
A silence fills us as the brief click of a fish fooling his would be captor
Causes a brief rapture for the shrouded figures to our west.
Five summers of longing lead me to this point.
A search sparked through a lack of belonging for The Orphan cast a shadow
But buried footprints below weary walking.
“I could never hear my future talking because my past pressed so deeply into my skull.”
She hangs her head in a lull of contemplation
While the wisps of smoke on the summer night air are so tangible, yet threadbare.
Never the cloying form it takes on within a room, a welcome analogy for the moment.
But she is there.
I ask if she remembers the words I spoke before her departing,
Before the other chapters were starting and the evenings were so hot and long:
“I wanted you to find me, everything in life is timing.
And so those words became my song.”